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Applying for a visa for another country is always a daunting task. What are the requirements for student visa in US and Canada? Or more specifically, what are visa requirements for post-graduate studies? Or undergraduate or PG Diploma studies?

You can begin the visa application process once you have received your Letter of Acceptance from the university. Our expert team will help deconstruct and simplify the process for study permit application (online and in-person applications).

We provide general counselling on the visa application process for Canada. We review and check your forms and documentation, provide guidance on your statement of purpose and help in preparation for the interview.

•     Information on visa application process and appointment scheduling
•     Review and check of all Visa application forms.
•     Review and check of all academic and financial documents
•     Interview preparation

Please note we are NOT a service that guarantees visa; we review your visa application and provide guidance only.