Indian Attorney & Counsellor at Law, Legal Consultant (Advocate) Licensed by the Supreme Court of the State of New York in USA

We at Indian Law offices in New York – Cross Border Legal Services., are the lawyers for the Indian community living across the globe. At Indian Law offices in New York – Cross Border Legal Services, we are involved with serving many of the Indians living in USA and Canada by assisting them in understanding the complexities and consequences of the legal matters already pending or simultaneously arising in the different courts of India. It is our endeavour to make our clients familiar with the Indian laws and the legal system and simplify the process of their proceedings. Because they cannot attend the court proceedings from time to time while they are living in the United States and or Canada, we take care of their legal and non-legal issues.

Legal Cases involving the Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) may engage multiple areas of law and dealing with the Indian authorities. It is our aim to provide our clients the service of an efficient, experienced and a trustworthy lawyer who will manage your case or cases in India. We understand the limitations and the problems that can be faced by individuals when it comes to handling legal matters in a foreign country. We make it so much easier for our clients by introducing them to Indian Law offices in New York telephonically without their personal visit to our office with an Indian Attorney & Counsellor at Law, Legal Consultant (Advocate) licensed by the Supreme Court of the State of New York (USA) who is in good standing with whom they can discuss their issues. Hence, Indian Law offices is in New York . is to provide solutions in the most efficient manner to the Non-Resident Indians NRI’s with the help of our highly qualified team consisting of professional and experienced lawyers, Chartered Accountants, Business and Management Advisor’s. You will be amazed to note that our clients are not only US Citizens or Canadian Citizens but include those who are in work permit like H-1, L-1, F-1 (Students), even others who have lost their status in the United States, seeking representation in India in different courts including the Supreme Court of India even if they undocumented in USA & Canada.

Indian Law offices in New York – Cross Border Legal Services provides the facility to Non-Resident Indians NRI’s residing in different countries to get introduced to an Indian qualified Lawyer, who qualifies as “fly in and fly out” Advocate enrolled under the Indian Advocates Act, 1961 and is an Indian Attorney & Counsellor at Law, Legal Consultant (Advocate) licensed by the Supreme Court of the State of New York in the United States in good standing and is competent to consult clients having legal or non-legal issues back home in India, who will elaborate and discuss our matter and will give you advice/assistance and suggest solutions accordingly. We will also represent your matter in the court as and when the need arises. We may also represent you and or your families in the USCIS / US Embassies in INDIA as an accredited Indian Attorney (Advocate) to represent for IMMIGRANT & NON-IMMIGRANT VISA SERVICES. If you are impelled by circumstances to initiate a fresh litigation in India we shall look after that. The advantage of one to one communication with your lawyer regarding your case will help you to achieve the desired outcome in spite of the long distance as you being settled abroad in the United States and or Canada.

Therefore, most of our clients do not require a visit to India to attend their legal affairs as we shall take care of things for them. We will ensure that the needful is done in your case depending on what course of action would be required in your best interests.

It will also be our endeavour that where there is a possibility, we will make an effort to resolve your matter through Mediation/Out of court. Our main aim and goal is an amicable settlement and your peace of mind.

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