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NRI Landlord-tenant disputes may arise out of many reasons mostly stated below that may lay the foundation of such disputes:

  • Non Deposit of Rent by Tenant
  • Sub-letting without prior permission from NRI Landlord
  • Commercial use of the residential property
  • Material Alternation or Damage Caused to the Property by Tenant
  • Illegal Activity by the Tenant
  • Violation of Terms & Conditions of Rent/Lease Agreement

If any of the above reasons arise, you may send a Legal Notice For Eviction to the Tenant. However, the dispute may deepen if the tenant doesn’t respond to the notice. And further NRI needs to file an eviction petition before the competent court of law in the concerned jurisdiction.


The services provided by our legal team include representation of NRI clients in all legal disputes and law suits including litigations, negotiations and out of the court settlements. We adopt a customer centric approach with NRI clients being the focus of our attention. Our team is well acquainted with complex litigation matters related to Landlord Tenant Dispute