What are the documents required for a US Visa interview?


The compulsory documents necessary for US Visitor Visa are:

  • An original passport that is valid for minimum 6 months after the anticipated entrance date in the US
  • All previous passports
  • 1 photograph as per specification with both hard copy and digital copy
  • US Visa application DS160 verification page stamped at the VAC – Visa Application Center
  • Proof of payment of a fee
  • The hard copy of the appointment letter of the US Visa interview

The Supporting documents required for US Visitor Visa are:

The intention of the supporting documents is to confirm –

  • Legality
  • Validity
  • Crime record if any
  • Monetary affordability
  • Intention to go back to the home nation

Supporting documents that sustain the above will facilitate a positive outcome in the Visa interview.


How can I go to the USA from India?


The applicants of a US Non-immigrant Visa in India must follow the below procedure:

  • Have a digital photograph in JPEG format along with one hard copy
  • Fill the application form DS-160 and upload your digital photograph. Then take a print out of the DS-160 confirmation page having CEAC barcode.
  • Create a profile and complete steps 1 to 10 of the schedule an appointment till the time you see the payment confirmation on your screen
  • The application fee must be paid at any one of the branches of the banks that are designated or through other options for payment
  • Majority of the applicants will have to schedule 2 appointments – one for Consular interview and the other for OFC (photo, fingerprints)
  • Visit the OFC location on the day of your OFC appointment to get your biometric details like photographs and fingerprints collected
  • Report minimum 15 minutes earlier of the scheduled time for an appointment at the US Consulate or Embassy where your Visa interview appointment is scheduled

If you are offered the US Visa, your passport will be returned through courier to the Visa/Passport collection location that you have specified while taking an appointment. It can be delivered later at any time prior to the interview day

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