Lawyer’s subscription and benefits


Lawyers in India if subscribe with annual subscription will benefit as follows:

  • Will sign a sub-power of attorney for handling the NRI cases at a professional legal fee mutually agreed from time to time on case to case basis
  • Lawyers will be paid on three stages, first after signing the sub power of attorney, second somewhere in the middle mutually agreed and lastly on the final decision of the case
  • Lawyers who successfully work for Indian Law offices in New York “Cross Border Legal Services” for two years out of their three years exceptionally merit will be considered for sponsorship based upon their performance and number of cases decided in favour of our clients
  • Lawyers will continue getting flow of NRI clients having legal issues back home in India as long as they are in active status and their annual subscription is paid
  • Lawyers wherever possible on voluntary basis will represent clients for and on our behalf in US Embassies in India if it is expedient and Embassies permits in that behalf for all kinds of consular processing for all kinds of non-immigrant and immigrant visa services
  • Lawyers having excellent knowledge of Immigration law will also be provided opportunities to represent clients in refugee cases in third country’s Embassies whatever country is the final destination of the clients who have credible fear of persecution.
  • Lawyers can submit their articles on different NRI related concerns on the website. Our team will review the content before publishing it. Great option to showcase knowledge and writing skills to gain recognition for the same.